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Abrasive products for all grinding and machining applications, including grinding, regulating, diamond/CBN, cut-off, and polishing wheels. Segments of all shapes. Mounted points and cones. Coated abrasives, discs, belts, sheets, rolls and flap wheels.

All grain types, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, ceramic, zirconia, glass, slurries and finishing compounds for all grinding, sanding and polishing applications.

All bond types, vitrified, resinoid, rubber, plastic, epoxy and shellac bonds.

Cutting and carbide tools, saw blades, diamond and dressing tools, honing sticks and stones. Steel and nylon brushes. Filter systems, fabrics and filter papers.

All metal working fluids including, coolants, cleaners, lubricants and rust preventatives.

And all your industrial supply needs.

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